Friday Night Forgotten Realms

Pre-Game Recap

The adventure is for level 1 characters, but just like in the real world things can escalate.
This is not a brutal adventure (by any means) but it will appear like it is sometimes. By using your heads (and imaginations), you will get through the adventure beaten, but not broken. They do a good job of setting the scene for you (and I will try to do the same) to let you know the things you can handle and the things you should probably shy away from.

With that being said, you might lose. Often. Losing doesn’t mean your death and it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You will be called upon to act heroically. Doing so will always work to your benefit. Taking that too far will get you overwhelmed.

I want to see bold choices, risk taking, heroics and working together as a team. Using each other’s strengths to your advantage. I feel I’ve given you enough of a history so that everyone is comfortable knowing their place in the party (or at least where they think they should be).

Your party names and some brief relationships follow. You’ve met and disclosed this information to each other. If your character wouldn’t tell this information, Kai would probably work it all into conversations it out over the travel time as he’s been able to determined everything about the people he’s traveling with so far either by connections in the city, or by observation.

Kai Thistle: Rascal and rogue, attached himself to Baerian and Sapphire. Knows things. Likes to find out about everything. Useful to get in and out of places, notices things others do not. Has connections outside of the Clan. Grew up around Baerian and Sapphire, didn’t really associate too much with them until they told him they were going outside of the city. Actually, he found out about it and approached them. He was familiar enough to them to let him come with them.

Bori Blackhammer: Baerian’s advisor. Grumpy cleric of Clangeddin. Expert tactician. Never married, but is tasked with being the advisor to a younger, female dwarf. Is much happier reading back in the hold. Has started to realize he might need to know more of the world than the stories and histories he’s surrounded himself with.

Baerian: Lady Baerian Crownshield, Thane Morrin Crownshield’s daughter. She is several times removed from the High King Thorin Crownshield, one of his third cousins twice removed (or something to that effect). She is attached to wealth and prominence of a level most are not familiar with. While technically her father is a Baron (Thane) to the dwarven people, she holds title as well by birth. Being part of one of the most prominent dwarven clans has it’s drawbacks. She was well schooled but held back from “living life” outside the walls of the keep. Baerian is headstrong, passionate and determined to make a name for herself outside of her father’s and Clan’s name (no small task).

Sapphire Nackle:
Also tried to lineage, Sapphire is Baerian’s childhood friend. Her father, Darren Nackle, was one of the gnome traders allowed to work within the dwarven city’s walls. Also a magician, Darren’s daughter (as she was known for much of her life) also shared the same wanderlust as Baerian. They would often dream of adventure and travel outside of the dwarven walls. She’s a bit lighthearted, but smart and often thinks 5 steps ahead of every situation. Steps 2-4 are usually unnecessary..but fun (for Sapphire at least).

Aenarion Nightleaf
Along with Bori, the moon elf was tasked with protecting Lady Baerian. Distant, aloof and analytical the elf is determined to see his duty through. Morrin Crownshield was his commander during an incursion of drow and mindflayers into the city. The moon elf didn’t see much battle, but impressed the doir Morrin with his determination and critical thinking skills. Skilled in the ways of the bard, the elf has been charged with chronicling the events surrounding Baerian’s call to adventure. Out of all of you, he’s seen the most of the “real” world outside of the hold.


Crownshield Crownshield

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