Friday Night Forgotten Realms

Second Game: Saving the town

Or how the party got their Groove Back

On their way to reclaim the mysterious cultist with the weird dragon-claw face tattoo, the party encountered more kobolds and cultists.
I think this picture is a cool moon elf bard, Aenarion Nightleaf
took charge of field commands and helped get some cohesion to the party.

They also encountered a gnome druid (Lolli) lolli.jpgwho had just been ready to kill all of them, when the party saved the cultists reputation and slaughtered the allies of Tiamat fairly.

It’s a lot to cover, here’s the highlights.
Killed a crapload of kobolds and cultists
Saved the kids who were hiding from the cultists
Helped secure the Sally Port
Saved the refugees stuck in the church of Chauntea from beind burnt alive
Survived a Dragon Attack, had their first taste of DragonFear™
Challenged by Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, Baerian accepted
Baeri was defeated by Langdedrosa Cyanwrath in a “Fair” fight
The party reached second level.


Crownshield Crownshield

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