Friday Night Forgotten Realms

First Game: Gooched

The game began while the party was on it’s way from Earthhome to Greenest. Around the bend, the party saw laid out before them was the town of Greenest under attack by a blue dragon and forces of some kind.

Leaving their mules and cart behind, the party made their way into the woods. It was there they encountered human children on the run from human cultists. Helping the children hide, the party then discovered other people approaching. One had a face tattoo of a 5 headed dragon stylized on his face.

After a brief attempt of diplomacy (until Boli recognized the holy symbol of Tiamat on the cultist’s face), they made quick work of the cultists. Leaving the children behind to hide, the party then approached the town.

As soon as they entered the town, they encountered a family under attack by a large group of kobolds. There was a man and two small children and a woman with a broken spear trying to protect her family.

The party valiantly put themselves in harms way, saving the family and making their way into the center of town…toward the keep encountering cultists, dragon-kin hounds and kobolds along the way.

Upon arriving the Mayor and Castillian put the characters to quick work..helping others escape by clearing out the underground passage out of the keep and into the woods. They are the clear the way and gather the children they left out in the wild.

They cleared the passage from two large rat nets and opened the grate. It was then that an oncoming force of cultists was on their way to patrol nearby. The party has begun to form a plan.


Crownshield Crownshield

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